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Name Badges – Custom Made

We specialise in making personalised name badges to suit your personality.  Unusual name or spell your name in a unique way?  Karyn can make you a name badge.

Loved by nurses, doctors, midwives, medical professionals, health care assistants, caregivers, teachers, childcare, hospital volunteers, health & aged care staff.  Karyn’s custom name badges are seen in hospitals, medical centres, schools and childcare centres all over the world.

Each name badge is handmade and unique, made just for you.  Choose from our 150+ designs & 24 background colours.

What’s great about wearing name badges

Add a comforting touch when meeting patients and their families.  Wearing a name badge gives the ability for others to easily see who you are making you identifiable. Name Badges are welcoming for patients in hospitals and are a positive friendly way to say “Hi I’m Sarah, I work here, I’m taking care of you” promoting easy conversation between patients and medical staff.  In addition can make a positive impact on the customer service you provide.

Our Best Sellers



Nurse Name Badge

Cutie Baby

Ladybird Ladybug


Nurse Name Badge

Santa Hat

Heart Beat Heart

Heart Beat Heart

Dragonfly Nurse Name Badge


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