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I’ve been making handmade name badges since 1995.  I design and create fantastic bespoke name badges for my customers in my sunny studio on my rural property in Wellington. I send badges all over the world and love hearing they make people happy and smile.

I manage all aspects of my small business from marketing and communications, strategy to execution, including my digital and social media channels.

Ruby Head of Security

Ruby our Hungarian Vizsla loves hanging out in the sunny studio. She supervises badge orders from her studio couch.

Ruby greets the courier on a Tuesday when he picks up the mail bags.

Ruby is a high energy dog and she’s all about having fun.  She enjoys her daily walk.  She loves any attention she can get, especially pats and treats!

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How it all began

I started working with personalised products in the 1980’s in my family’s business.  I’ve sold my own creations from the age of 10.  I took over a well known New Zealand artist’s business (Val Lewis) who began making these name badges in 1975!


“When designing new badges I often find myself looking back and getting inspiration from Val’s ideas, techniques and original works”.

Karyn’s website is dedicated to Val Lewis

I hope you enjoyed learning about us at Just For You Name Badges

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