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That’s me, artist, mum, wife, friend & badge maker.  I’m a self confessed workaholic and I’m proud of it!  I have specialised expertise in personalised products and have been the Owner/Director of Just For You Name Badges since 1995.  I create fantastic bespoke name badges for my customers in my sunny Wellington studio. I love sending my badges all over the world and hearing they make people happy and smile.

I manage all the marketing and communications from my studio from strategy to execution, including our digital and social media channels.

I’m lucky to have great support from my family; Steve and our two daughters Charlotte & Katie.  My girls have watched me making badge orders since they were teeny tiny and both have creative talents.

I do find some time for a little fun outside of my studio. I enjoy long range target shooting as well as hunting with my husband and daughter Charlotte.  My husband Steve & I have both represented New Zealand in F Class Rifle Teams and I have been in the New Zealand Ladies Rifle Team alongside my daughter Charlotte. I’m also a NRANZ council member.

Ruby Head of Security

Ruby our Hungarian Vizsla loves hanging out in the sunny studio. She supervises badge orders from her studio couch.

Ruby greets the courier on a Tuesday when he picks up the mail bag.

Ruby is a high energy dog and she’s all about having fun.  She enjoys her daily walk (if she doesn’t get a walk she uses the house and studio as a race track).  She loves any attention she can get, especially pats and treats!

It’s all in a name

Our name, it’s what makes each of us special and unique.

It’s in our blood…

I have been making name badges for over 23 years, and both my daughters have the same talents and have been helping me since they were old enough to walk!

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Beginnings of an Artist

How it all began

I started working with personalised products in the 1980’s in my family’s business.  I took over Val Lewis’ badge making business, she was a well known NZ artist who began making these name badges in 1975!  I have sold my own creations from about the age of 10 and personalised products for nearly as long.  In the mid 1970’s my mother and family friend Val Lewis shared a co-op at the Victoria Market, Willis Street in Wellington. My parents expanded their craft business specialising in personalized products and went on to own and operate a successful commercial screen printing business selling personalised items both domestically and internationally.

The Martinborough Fair

This was always a highlight and the name badges were exhibited at the Martinborough Fair for 25 years between 1978-2003, I had my own stall from 1996-2003. “I love the Martinborough Fair, I travelled home twice each year when I lived in Sydney to help at my parents stall”.

Returning from Australia in 1995 and after Val Lewis’ passing I took over the name badge business. I developed a successful mail order and online business.  I can make you a handmade name badge, just for you.


“When designing new badges I often find myself looking back and getting inspiration from Val’s ideas and techniques and original works”.

Karyn’s website is dedicated to Val Lewis

I hope you enjoyed learning about us at Just For You Name Badges

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