Quick dispatch NAME BADGES

1. Ready to Go badges – just need a name

2. Ready Made badges – already made, can’t be changed

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QUICK Dispatch badges: download the pdf here

Badges IN STOCK, Ready to Go


$22 – Ready to Go: waiting on a name
$6 & $12 – Ready Made:  already made

Sold on a ‘first in first served‘ basis.
List updated as badges sell. 

more than 1200 badges

some badges ready for a name

Ready to Go Name Badges are great if you need a name badge in a hurry, with quick dispatch your order can be included in our next dispatch day after payment is received.

Email your Order to: karyn@badgeorders.co.nzplease note from the ‘Ready to Go’ list

Having difficulty downloading the PDF file? contact sales@badgeorders.co.nz and we’ll email you the ‘Ready to Go’ list.

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