What’s great about wearing a Name Badge

There are significant benefits to wearing a name badge, it gives the ability for others to easily see who you are, making you identifiable. Name Badges are welcoming for patients in hospitals, and is a positive friendly way to say ‘Hi I’m Sarah, I work here, I’m taking care of you’ promoting easy conversation between patients and medical staff.  In addition can make a positive impact on the customer service you provide.

Designed to add colour and personality to any uniform or outfit, wear one of Karyn’s name badges and no one will forget your name.

Our name is what makes us unique.

It can be difficult for patients to remember the names of medical staff, especially with shift changes and it’s even more difficult for visiting families. Name badges allow patients, families and fellow staff members in different departments to build a sense of trust, camaraderie and this improves your customer service.

Name badges do more than identify you, they provide a way to create a conversation opening it becomes easy for people to remember your name. Feeling at ease gives people reassurance and improves the service you provide.

Wearing a name badge can be a great way for patients, family members or customers to start a conversation, allowing them to know who they are dealing with from the first moment they meet you. Knowing your name makes you more approachable if patients have a question or require help. Add additional comfort in knowing people know at least a piece of information about you before they begin a conversation.

If you are looking for a fast easy fun way for people to remember your name Karyn’s name badges are for you.
Don’t be referred to as ‘Hey you over there’……. get your own name badge and people will learn your name quickly.
Your friends and colleagues will want one too, please recommend Karyn’s Just For You Name Badges,  contact her at karyn@badgeorders.co.nz

Karyn’s Handmade Name Badges

Karyn specialises in making handmade custom name badges, they are unique, bright, colourful, cheerful, fun, funky, creative and a great gift for yourself or a friend.

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Refer a Friend

Please refer your friends to us, we’d love to make them a name badge.

Start Your Collection Today

Like variety, start your name badge collection today.  Wear a different badge every day!

Send us a Photo

We love seeing customers wearing their name badges, send us a photo by email or by PM on our Facebook Page (Just For You Name Badges).

How to choose a design? Choosing a name badge for a friend?

Consider your friends hobbies and interests. If they are a nurse or a medical professional look through our medical designs. We have a great range to choose from.  Not sure what to choose for your friend, give me a call or send me and email and I can help with suggestions.

Buying a Gift for a friend

You have a friends birthday coming up, a graduation or need a secret santa gift and want to get then a custom name badge.  If you are short on time give them a gift certificate.

Gift Certificates

We can email you a gift certificate to fill in so you can give the gift of a name badge.

Choosing a Background Colour

We have a range of colours to chose from, to view our colour chart click here
Consider what colour/s you will be wearing as a background for your name badge.
Selecting a colour that will stand out will make your name badge more noticeable.

Organising a Group Order

A big thank you to those individuals who take on organising a group order.

I have a couple of suggestions:

  • collect money from people as they place their order with you
  • ensure individuals have given you all the order information required, if they haven’t we may contact you with questions about your order
  • have a contact mobile number for everyone that orders, a blank sheet of paper for people to write their contact info on would be helpful
  • advise everyone of dispatch time and delivery time frames
  • keep a copy of the order form (especially if you post your order)
  • if you have a handwritten order, scan it and email it to me to avoid any typos

Our Designs

All our designs are owned by Karyn Flanagan from Just For You Name Badges Limited and protected by international copyright laws.

Privacy Policy

Your information: We collect your data for the purposes of communication and order fulfilment. We take the responsibility to protect your personal information very seriously, and we never pass on your information to a third party.

Nurse Name Badge

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